NPR-HD Advantages Over Ford LCF/International CF500

Ford LCF/International CF500

NPR 3500

Ford LCF/International CF500:

  • This is a common product sold as the Ford LCF and International CF500
  • 16,000 lb. GVWR, with optional 15,000 lb. GVWR on Ford LCF
  • 4.5L V6 diesel only
  • 4 wheelbase choices
  • Ford 5-speed automatic only transmission choice
    No crew cab or gas engine choices

NPR Advantages:

  • Reliable truck gas engine available on NPR-HD/W4500 for lower initial cost and high power output (not available on Ford LCF or International CF)
  • Lightweight gasoline engine reduces truck weight. NPR-HD/W4500 with gasoline engine weighs half a ton less than Ford LCF/International CF. This allows 14,500 lb. GVWR NPR-HD/W4500 to have payload only 500 lb. less than 16,000 lb. GVWR Ford/International
  • Well-proven Isuzu diesel truck engine vs. International-sourced V6 diesel that has limited service history in any vehicle
  • Longer diesel engine warranty, 3 years/unlimited miles vs. 3 years/150,000 miles
  • Longer base warranty, 3 years/unlimited miles vs. 2 years/unlimited miles for Ford LCF and International CF
  • Wider door opening for easy entry and exit (85° vs. 65°)
  • Durable tricot breathable woven seat material is comfortable and long lasting (cloth seat standard on Ford and International, with optional vinyl)
  • 3 years/unlimited miles vs.
  • 2 years/unlimited miles for Ford LCF and International CF
  • Larger cab contributes to driver and passenger comfort. Ford/International cab has 5-in. shorter BBC and a narrower cab
  • Wider shoulder room in new cab (72 in. vs. 66 in.) adds to comfort when carrying three passengers
  • LCF has restricted room between brake and throttlepedal and the engine cover, which interferes with driving safety. New, larger NPR-HD cab provides plenty of room for driver control and safety
  • Fold-down passenger’s seat and center seat with tray standard, providing additional convenience (Ford and International have folding center seat only)
  • Standard daytime running lamps contribute to safety. Optional on Ford LCF and International CF
  • 6-speed Aisin automatic transmission vs. 5-speed Ford automatic transmission, for durability and performance
  • 9-inch-longer maximum wheelbase can maintain proper weight balance with heavier aft body payloads
  • Standard engine exhaust brake with diesel engine (not available on Ford or International)
  • Larger outside mirrors (7x17 in. vs. 6x11.5 inches) contributes to driver's visibility and safety
  • Greater cab tilt (45° vs. 40°) provides additional room when servicing vehicle, for faster, easier service
  • Engine shut-down system, with or without engine hour meter, contributes to reduced operating costs (not available on Ford or International)
  • Overhead cam engine design reduces reciprocating mass for engine efficiency and enables full cylinder water jackets for long-term engine durability
  • Precision machined fit dry cylinder liners on Isuzu diesel engine allows efficient engine rebuilding for extreme mileage customers. International engine is a parent-bore design
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  Isuzu NPR-HD Ford/International LCF
GVWR 14,500 lb. 16,000
Engine type (gas) SOHC I-4 (OHV V8) OHV V6
Displacement (gas) 5.2L (6.0L) 4.9L
HP, gas 325 @ 5000 NA
Torque, gas 360 @ 4400 NA
HP, diesel (MT) 175 @ 2400 NA
HP, diesel (AT) 205 @ 2400 200 @ 2700
Torque, diesel (MT) 387 @ 1850 NA
Torque, diesel (AT) 441 @ 1850 440 @ 1800
Clutch, in. 12.8 NA
Transmission, gas 4ODA GM NA
Transmission, diesel 6ODA Aisin 5ODA Ford
Alternator, amp (gas) 110 (145) 135
Steering 18.8-20.9:1 power TRW power
Front axle, lb. 6,830 6,000
Front springs, lb. 8,440 taperleaf 6,000 taperleaf
Rear axle, lb. (gas) 14,550 (11,020) 11,000
Rear springs, lb. 9,880 multileaf 11,000 multileaf
Wheels (gas) 16 x 6 (19.5 x 6) in. 6-bolt 19.5 x 6 in. 10-bolt
Tires (gas) 215/85R-16E (225/70R19.5F) 225/70R-19.5F
Brakes, front (gas) 11.5 (14.3) in. disc 15.35 in. disc
Brakes, rear (gas) 12.6 x 3.94 (4.72) in. drum 15.35 in. disc
Frame, psi 44,000 50,000
Frame width, in 33.5 34
Frame section modulus 7.20 cu. in. 9.2 cu. in.
Frame RBM 316,800 460,000
Battery, CCA (gas) 2x750 (1x750) 2x885
Fuel tank, gal. 30 in-frame 40 in-frame
Seating Driver & 2 pass. Driver & 2 pass.
Mirrors, in. 8x17 7x16
WB/CA (effective) 109.0/80.0 113.0/84.0
132.5/103.5 137.0/108.0
150.0/121.0 149.0/120.0
176.0/147.0 167.0/138.0
WB/Turning Diameter 109.0/33.5 113.0/33.2
(curb-to-curb, ft.) 132.5/40.7 137.0/38.5
  150.0/45.3 149.0/41.3
  176.0/51.9 167.0/44.8
WB/Body lengths 109.0/10,(gas) 12 113.0/10, 12
132.5/14 137.0/11, 12, 14
150.0/16, 18 149.0/14, 16
176.0/20 167.0/16, 18
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  Isuzu NPR-HD Ford/International LCF
Vehicle Health Reports Standard Not Available
Drop-design windows Standard Not Available
DEX-COOL Standard (gas) Equivalent
Exhaust brake Standard (diesel) NA
Tilt/telescopic steering column Standard Standard
Tricot fabric Standard Standard fabric
Tilt cab Standard Standard
Folding center seat Standard Standard
Daytime running lamps Standard Optional
Cruise control Standard Standard
PTO prep. Standard (diesel) Standard
Air conditioning Standard (gas) Optional
Power windows Standard Optional
Power door locks Standard Optional
Floor mat Standard Standard
Tachometer Standard Standard
Convex mirrors Standard Standard
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  Isuzu NPR-HD Ford/International LCF
Engine block heater Optional (diesel) Optional
Engine oil pan heater Optional  
Limited slip differential Optional Optional
AM/FM/CD Optional AM/FM Standard
Air deflector Optional  
Spare wheel Optional (Dealer Installed) Optional
Side mounted fuel tank Optional (diesel) Optional
Engine protection system Optional (diesel)  
Engine hour meter Optional (diesel)  
Backup alarm Optional  
Chrome wheel sim. Optional  
Heated mirrors Optional Optional
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  Isuzu NPR-HD Ford/International LCF
Base warranty, diesel 36 months/unlimited miles 24 months/unlimited miles
Base warranty, gas 36 months/36,000 miles NA
Engine warranty, diesel 36 months/unlimited miles 60 months/150,000 miles
Engine warranty, gas 36 months/36,000 miles NA
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